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Welcome to David Goodacre Stone Mason

Based in Derbyshire, England, I am a craftsman in stone with several areas of specialisation.My background (after a Fine Art degree) is of work as a carver mason for a variety of heritage conservation projects. These include Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, Jenners Building Edinburgh and Highcliffe Castle Dorset (working as part of a masonry team in each case). I also have had several years employment as a lettercutter in the headstone trade.


Since 2003 I have worked as a self-employed stonecarver and lettercutter. Most of my work is traditional handcut inscriptions and decorative carving for headstones, public and private spaces. I am able to produce lettering work to private individual's requirements (e.g. for house signs, verses and quotations to be placed in gardens and the landscape) also larger pieces for business and civic signage.


If necessary I can carve on-site into stonework on a building or placed outdoors. Another specialisation is detailed artwork permanently engraved onto polished granite, both for the headstone trade and for domestic and commercial display.

I also occasionally attend medieval re-enactment and craft fairs to demonstrate traditional carving of stone.
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